PPO 101 for Dentists

Here is another great post from our friend Sandi Hudson at Unlock the PPO.  Sometimes we get calls from new dental school graduates or dentists getting ready to buy their first practice and they have questions about how PPOs work. Insurance seems to have a language of it’s own and if you are looking to learn the…Read More→

Should a Dentist Choose PPO or Not?

Here is a great post from our friend Sandi Hudson at Unlock the PPO. Feel like you’re pulling your hair out trying to figure out insurance? Even with the ease of electronic insurance filing there is still a large administrative cost associated with being an in-network provider. Delayed insurance payments, yearly maximums that have stayed…Read More→

Dental Fee For Service versus Dental PPO – Which Makes Better Sense?

I’m analyzing things right now and seriously considering going in-network with MetLife (PPO). I have a FFS office now, and am only “in network” with Delta Premier. Although I am busy, I have extra capacity in the office–about 15% idle time. I advertise heavily and average 10-15 NP/month excluding emergencies. My area is competitive. I’ve…Read More→