Buying a Practice in 2021? Should there be a “Covid Discount”?

As everyone knows, we have had a horrible virus around for over a year now, and while it certainly impacted practice transitions for some time between say March and June 2020, since June 2020 buyers are back in full force looking for a practice to call their own. Almost immediately buyers and potential buyers started…Read More→

Delaying a Dental Practice Purchase Can Be a Big Mistake

Below is an article from our friend Dr. Thomas Snyder, the Director of Practice Transitions for the Snyder Group. Most recent grads have in excess of $200,000 in dental education debt. Many of them may feel that they have to work as an associate for many years before even considering purchasing a practice. We have…Read More→

Compare Two Dental Practices for Sale

I am about to finish a GPR and was hoping you could give me a little input on whether either of these options sound good. Option 1 is a brand new, state of the art practice in a growing rural area. The practice grossed around 800k last year and has about 45 NP a month….Read More→

Dental Practice Purchase Evaluation

Hi, I’m new to this and have no clue as to which way to go. I’m currently interested in this practice and spoke with the owner of the practice. Some guidance with this would be appreciated! Collection for 2008 will be about 400k, 2007 was 410k, 2006 was 390k. Production is about 600-700k per year…Read More→