What’s Most Important to You When Looking To Purchase A Practice ? Part IV

This is part four of my five part blog on “What’s most important to YOU when looking to purchase a practice ? In case you missed part I, there’s a great thread on www.dentaltown.com asking this question and it got a lot of great feedback from people with different perspectives. As a reminder, I won’t […]

How to Buy a Dental Practice – Setting the Asking Price

Here is the next video in the “How to Purchase a Dental Practice” which addresses the process in setting an asking price for a dental practice. Send your questions to Tim Lott, CPA, CVA at tlott@dentalcpas.com If you’d like to be added to our Dental CPA newsletter, email info@dentalcpas.com Follow us Twitter and like us on Facebook

How Should the Purchase Price for Dental Practice be Allocated?

Hi, Is this a good allocation of $ for the buyer for tax advantage? PURCHASE PRICE $475,000.00 Furniture and Equipment $ 110,000.00 Covenant Not to Compete $ 1,000.00 Patient Records $ 179,000.00 Goodwill $ 185,000.00 TOTAL $475,000.00 Tuscon Dr. I would switch patient records and covenant not to compete. It has nothing to do with […]

Dental Practice Purchase Price Allocation: Is Goodwill the Devil?

Sometimes we come across uninformed buyers that want the majority of their purchase price allocated to equipment because they can get an immediate tax write-off under Internal Revenue Code Section 179 of up to $125k and $250k in very recent years. However, part of our job is to understand and educate ourselves about the state/locality […]