Dental CPAs Q&A: Comparing Start-Up vs. Buying an Existing Dental Practice

I was talking with a young dentist recently who was debating the pros and cons of opening her own practice and starting from scratch or buying an existing dental practice where the variables are known. For anyone who’s been in this position before, you know there’s no easy answer. There will be unknowns in both […]

Was an S-Corp Election the Correct One for this Dental Start-Up?

I live in Massachusetts, but I am using a New York CPA for my taxes. I was happy with what he did for my taxes so far, but ever since I began the process of my start-up, I have started to lose some confidence in him. Even though I told him that my start-up was […]

Dental Scratch Start Up Questions

I’m currently working to hone my clinical skills, which no doubt have grown tremendously in the last year. I’m also living well below my means and saving my money for a potential future practice. I’m thinking about a startup, which will be financed a lot through my earnings and the rest on loans. I plan […]