IRS Mistakenly Tries to Tax Roth IRA Conversions

Tax year 2010 offered a special one-time election to postpone the tax on Traditional IRA’s convertions to Roth IRA’s in that year.  Here we are now, learning from the IRS notices being received by dentists who took advantage of this tax postponement, that the IRS did not have their systems properly programmed to recognize this…Read More→

Dentist Has IRA to Roth Conversion Question

For someone who has maxed out their ability to invest in tax-deductible products (i.e. 401k/profit sharing/SEP), wouldn’t it make sense to contribute money that otherwise would be invested in a taxable account to a non-deductible IRA and then immediately convert it to a ROTH? Now that the conversion income limits are gone, I would think…Read More→