Tim Lott, Dental CPA, Writes about the Importance of a Webmaster When Hiking

(As Tim Lott was rambling through the woods – as he often does – he thought of this blog post).

I was enjoying my morning hike today and this question came
to me out of nowhere. First let me state unequivocally I have very little
knowledge of the intricacies of websites, how they operate and how to maintain them
and you’ll learn very quickly that this post has nothing to do with that!
One of the downsides of hiking in the woods on less-traveled
trails or deer trails during the summertime are the spider webs. For those
that hike a lot, you know what I’m talking about. Sure you can swing your hands
out in front of you like you’re power-hiking, however, the feel of webs all
over my arms isn’t something I enjoy. Worse, you can simply use your face as your
detection device, just keep your mouth closed or you’ll be getting plenty of
protein during your hike. What’s the alternative you ask? A webmaster. Whether
you’re the first one to hike that morning or blazing your own trail, a good webmaster
is a must have when hiking in the woods during the summertime.
I found mine a little over a year ago. It appeared to be
recently built and placed near the banks of the Gunpowder River in some shallow
water… maybe it was supposed to be there to cure from the manufacturing
process. I could tell right away that mine was built by a beaver as it had a mark
(think Antiques Roadshow) or marks on the base of the device… and all over it
really. It was the perfect weight, had the perfect thickness from base to end
and several cleverly placed “knobs” spread along the shaft to allow for better
The really cool thing about my webmaster is it’s actually
multi-functional, it has many other uses. Here’s a list of some of the other
uses during your hike:
weed-whacker, bug repellent, defense against the mildly
aggressive crittervarmint or pet, frog & snake chaser, brush poker and of
course, hiking stick. I would even venture a guess that if you found a sunny
spot & you knew your directions (eastwestnorthsouth)
you could even tell time with it!
So I encourage all you hikers out there… if you don’t have a
webmaster you really need to consider getting one.

Happy Hiking!

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