What’s On Your Bucket List For Your Next Chapter Of Life?

If you are planning to transition out of your practice, having enough retirement money is extremely important. You’re on the verge of finally pursuing your other goals and dreams outside of your practice, and now it the time to ensure that you have the proper finances to enjoy your next life chapter.

You still have many years ahead of you to enjoy your retirement. Let N/L Transitions support you in the transition planning and sale of your practice, so you can focus on the fun ahead. As your trusted transition adviser, I can help to ensure that you receive the maximum market value for your dental practice sale so you can have more funds available to enjoy your retirement years.

How to get started on your bucket list

  1. Start drafting your bucket list now of at least 20 things that you have always wanted to do
    • – Don’t worry about finances, I will work with you to get the most value for all your years of hard work
  2. Need a jumpstart on things to add, have you consider any of these ideas?
    • – Learn a new language
    • – Write your memoir
    • – Run for public office
    • – Run a marathon
    • – Take up mountain climbing
    • – Live in another country
    • – Live on a houseboat for a year or two
    • – Visit all 50 states
    • – Visit all the National Parks
    • – Travel to Europe–or Asia or Africa
  3. Once you have created your list, regard it as your list of goals. Studies have shown that setting goals can contribute to healthier lifestyles.
  4. And finally, develop a retirement financial plan

In order to successfully achieve all four steps, let’s start with planning your transition out of your practice. The thought may seem a bit overwhelming, don’t worry- I am here to support you every step of the way.

Equipped with knowledge, integrity and expertise, N/L Transitions is your trusted dental brokerage firm. Working with a trusted network of dental CPAs, dental attorneys, dental insurance brokers, dental lease specialists and other professionals, my goal is to ensure that you receive the maximum market value for your investments.

If you are still actively involved in your practice and may not plan to transition out for a few years, here are some tips to consider to maintain the value of your dental practice. Whether you are planning on transitioning out of practice in a few years or are ready now, give me a call at 410-616-2042 or email me atinfo@nltransitions.com.  Also, take a look at this checklist for a list of the items you will need begin the process. I would be happy to meet with you to get the transition process started.