When Should Dental Tax Planning be Done?

I recently took up several part-time positions, with some paying me as an independent contractor. I think one of the positions is paying me as a W2. I may have an idea of how to file taxes using W2, but I am totally clueless about how to do it as an IC.

You better KNOW!

When exactly should I go to accountant to get my IC taxes done?

Done? Sometime between Jan-Mar of 2011.

To plan properly to get them done? NOW!

My yearly income taxes were done by a local accountant for $100/yr in a NYC area. How much more expensive will it be if I were to seek out accountant services for filing my IC taxes?

It depends on who’s doing them and whether or not you want to PLAN NOW, AND get them done later. Just to get them done, maybe the person that did them for $100 will do them for $150. You have to ask.

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