I have a ‘hypothetical’ question on behalf of an associate friend of mine. In his situation, the owner is ready (sort of) to sell the entire practice, with the condition that he can still be some part of it. Basically, he doesn’t have a golf course or anything else to retire to due to his […]

We have come across a 6-year established office in a shopping strip whose GD and Endodontist are relocating to a professional medical building by the end of this year. They want to sell the current location for $650,000. For the price, all we are getting is the location and the equipment/fixtures. They are taking the […]

I have a dentist who sublets space in my office. We share the days equally and we share disposables but nothing else. I’m not sure what a reasonable rent for this type of arrangement should be. Does anyone have experience with this? 5% of revenue may be the benchmark for space rent, however, it sounds […]

I’ve got a small practice with 5 employees, and I’ve been doing the payroll and taxes myself with Quickbooks. I’m tired of doing it and thinking of having a service do it for me. I’ve talked with Paychex and they sound good for about 100 bucks a month I get full service tax and payroll. […]

I need some help on figuring out if this 100% buy-out is a good deal or not. Really, I just need a little guidance from a 3rd party as I am in a dual representation situation. Here’s the info: I started temping for a Dr. in Arizona who became ill (stroke w/paralysis). He was only […]

My husband and I practice together. We recently hired a new FD person who came highly recommended from a couple of references provided on her resume. Things have been going well thus far. I recently got a call from someone who stated they worked with her in the late 90’s and that she was fired […]

I have purchased a practice a couple years ago, and the previous owner (who I get along with great and couldn’t be happier that he is still around) is now requesting that he increase from 30% production to 40% production. The reasoning is fairly deep, but I’ll give somewhat of an explanation……. He does regret […]

I have been an associate for over 3 years, happy where I am- we have a good relationship. Business wise, I receive 40% collections and the lab fees are split 50/50. Recently, the owner dentist has been taking half of the electric bill out of my paycheck (stating that the bill is high (about 320/per […]

Gross average: 1.5 million Net: a little over 800k Patient active 12 months: 1800 NP/month: approximately 12 Building owned and for sale separately 8 chair practice 95% C&B, Implant and removable FFS+ Delta premier only Hygiene only generates 280k/year. I believe 8 hygiene days. Very little soft tissue management. Dentist takes a month off a […]