Hi, I’m new to this and have no clue as to which way to go. I’m currently interested in this practice and spoke with the owner of the practice. Some guidance with this would be appreciated! Collection for 2008 will be about 400k, 2007 was 410k, 2006 was 390k. Production is about 600-700k per year […]

Hi. I’m currently a second year dental student, and I am also the son of a currently practicing dentist. I have had the burning question in my mind about whether when I graduate if I should try to hook up with another dentist in the area that is retiring. My thought is that since I […]

I am trying to work out the overhead at our office, because it is just ridiculously high. But I have a few questions: 1. Where do you place the doctor’s salary and benefits? Separate from ALL other expenses. Does that figure in to overhead for a practice where 2 DDS’s are co-owners? No, neither does […]

I am considering a practice acquisition and am scheduled to meet with the owner. I have already toured the office and have some information. At this appointment I am going to be counting the charts and verifying the information given to me. So I was looking for suggestions on counting charts. What is a good […]

I am currently leasing 1,000 square foot office space for $1,100 month and have 27 months left on the lease at the $1,100. Owner would like for me to leave so next door dermatologist can expand. What would be a reasonable amount to ask for to leave early? Dermatologist probably has 3-4 times the space […]

I am going to do SEP IRA for 2008 after I bonus myself and my wife (an employee) in my s corp. I want to max out at the 46k for me and my wife so I will bonus both of us so we will make a total of 360k and do a SEP for […]

Hello, I am starting a practice that will open in April. The equipment rep. has told me that I can deduct the equipment that I order as long as it is delivered before the end of the year. Recently my accountant told me that it won’t be deductable because it wouldn’t have been in use. […]

I’m a 4th year dental student and I’m interested in learning more about the L&M and GPPR concepts. Has anyone out there done a GPPR and how did it work out for you from the new doctor or the owner doctor’s perspective? I know the basic idea is that the new doctor gets paid a […]

We are in partnership for 8 years now and no major disagreements yet! However, there have been changes since the partnership began and the issue of the share of rent has only arisen since the joint ownership of the building and the decrease in working of hours my partner. At what level do you generally […]