What Dental Expenses Can Be Deducted?

If I paid for CE in 2011 that I am going to actually take in 2012, do I deduct it out of my 2011 taxes or my 2012 taxes?  I also paid for 2012 membership dues in AGD in 2011, which tax year would that deduction fall under?

You’re a cash basis tax payer so generally you deduct your expenses in the year you paid them.

Also, when attending CE, what can you deduct?  Flight, food, etc? Or just the cost of the course?
Yes of course, travel like air-fare, train-fare, rental car, lodging, taxis, tips, meals while traveling for business, etc.

When I was looking for employment last year, can I deduct flights/car rentals used to travel to where I now work for interviews?
Job hunting expenses are deductible.

Can I deduct any of: DEA, licensing, board fees if I just graduated and they are NOT renewals?
Generally, yes.

I am not receiving ANY benefits and am paying for health, life, malpractice, disability insurance all on my own.  Is any of that deductible for 2011 or 2012?
Yes, some of it is: malpractice as a business expense, health as medical expense.

I am still looking for a CPA, so I only have all of your wealth of knowledge to fall back on right now…

Please advise.

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