Real Life Dental Practice Purchase Case Studies

These are my top five examples of how proper due diligence can avoid the overpayment for a practice, or worse, a buyer having to claim bankruptcy! 1. Missing dental supplies – Normalization, good intentions, bad results I gathered the information from the seller’s advisors and prepared my analysis worksheets. I noticed there wasn’t a specific…Read More→

Dentist Using Dual Representation for Practice Purchase

I wanted to get a head start at locating a practice to buy before my NHSC obligation is up which is on January 1, 2013.  The good news is that I found one. It’s been on the market for about a year.  I have a broker but I feel as if he is rushing me to purchase this practice.  ……Read More→

Delaying a Dental Practice Purchase Can Be a Big Mistake

Below is an article from our friend Dr. Thomas Snyder, the Director of Practice Transitions for the Snyder Group. Most recent grads have in excess of $200,000 in dental education debt. Many of them may feel that they have to work as an associate for many years before even considering purchasing a practice. We have…Read More→

Why is Dental Buyer Representation So Important?

When it comes to engaging a CPA to assist you in buying a dental practice you should NOT be looking for just any CPA, you need to work with a Dental CPA that has years of experience with not only dental practices, but dental practice transitions as well. Whether it’s the outright sale of 100%…Read More→

Dental Practice Buyer Representation – Introduction Video

We frequently receive phone calls from dentists seeking assistance in purchasing their dental practices. We have put together the follow series of videos to outline the process. Send your questions to Tim Lott, CPA, CVA at For more information or to sign up for our newsletter, please contact Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest

Should Dentist Buy This Dental Practice?

My background: I have been out of school for two years and it has always been a dream of mine to own my own practice. I am married with two kids and for the past two years I have been working for a corporate chain. I have learned a ton and consider myself ready. Hope…Read More→

Should Dentist Buy-In as a Partner or Purchase Solo Dental Practice?

Let me start off by saying the decision can only be yours and if the numbers are similar from a cash flow perspective it’ll come down to whether you believe working alone is better than working with a partner. If it’s all about the numbers here are my comments: Practice #1- Rural setting- father/son practice….Read More→

How to Buy a Dental Practice – Entity Selection

As dental CPAs, we often receive calls from dentists looking to purchase a dental practice. We have put together a series of videos to help dentists answer the question, “How Do I Buy a Dental Practice?”. This video deals with entity selection. For more information visit our website:  or email us at Send…Read More→